Who Buys a barn? …..the crazy barn lady

Back in 2010 I was driving by a barn in my local village and realized this rustic little barn was for sale! So picture this… ” Hey honey I am home and I want to buy a barn.” Since this day, we have had an incredible journey with this little rustic piece of history. It actually has been in this location since the late 1800’s and was part of the original train station running through the village. Growing up I travelled throughout the Quebec country side of Knowlton, Montfort, St Savuer and remember the beautiful quaint cottage country boutiques, antique sales and country fairs. It is not a shock to my family that I bought a barn. When I was 6 years old I bought an antique cash register at an auction with my uncle. Yes, this now sits in the barn 40 years later.

So how in the world does this fit with Nutrition and you? While studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition we were asked what will we do with our certification. As a rep with a well known vegan wellness company, I figured that was all I needed. Then the connection between the barn, back to roots, nutrition and bringing local farm fresh grown food to the local residents started to become clear.

During the summer every Sunday you can find me and a handful of hand picked farmers, vendors, junior entrepreneurs and local musicians. A gathering of community, eating incredible non certified organic veggies, pasture raised meats, aromatherapists and an all around great atmosphere that is grounding and good for your soul.

As a Nutritionist my style is very down to earth and my process is to simplify the protocols. We all have busy lives and have no room for any more complication, so adding in another 10 things to do for your health will be overwhelming and set you up for failure….again.

I specialize in working with the overworked, tired, adrenaline seeking people who have not time to become a sou chef to get healthy. The perfect client for me is the one who is trading health for more time & money. It may be working for you now, but in the end we end up trading back the time & money we created in our business for our health.

I explain it like this,  our bodies are like our precious vehicles. We take our car for an oil change every 5k, we give it a tune up and interior wash, take the salt off crusted onto the matts, are careful about the food we let our kids bring in the car……yet we give half of this care and attention to one of  our most important vehicles, our bodies. We get one vehicle for life. Lets look under the hood and give it an oil change. You have a lot of mileage left on this vehicle. I promise.