Stittsville Market At The Barn

Lions Mane- Stittsville Farmers Market At The Barn

The goal originally was to host a farmer’s market that had a holistic spin. This past weekend we were treated with the opportunity to purchase Lion’s Mane Mushroom from Forest Floor Mushrooms from Almonte. Not only do these mushrooms taste amazing, but they now have started to have recent research on the benefits of these medicinal mushrooms.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Lion's Mane Mushroom - Suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition PRactitioner

Recent research is now linking Lion’s Mane to medicinal benefits for cognitive and nervous system. There are some great products on the market like the company Host Defense and Four Sigmatic who offer the convenience of Lion’s Mane in a formula. You can conveniently order both of these products from the Natural Food Pantry online in Canada.

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Suzanne Tate CNP