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At The Barn

The Barn is Located in the heart of the historic village of Stittsville Ontario along the Trans Canada Trail. The Barn dates back to the late 1800s, when it stood alongside Canada’s first transcontinental railway. This 900-square-foot log cabin oozes character, history and ambiance relevant to a holistic nutritionists’ dream office.

Nutrition Analysis @the barn

Suzanne Certified Nutrition Practitioner Tate has converted this space into a rustic, off-the-grid gathering place for all things on wellness. At the Barn, you will find unique opportunities and events that promote well-being, health and opportunity to Discover your health needs.

Stittsville Farmers Market at The Barn

At The Barn hosts a weekly farmers market. This boutique-style market brings farm-fresh products  as well as the works of talented local artisans to the local Village residents. Market at The Barn was born with the goal to provide the perfect venue to educate, share local produce and bring the village community together.

Stay Connected on Events At The Barn

As a holistic nutritionist, Suzanne strongly believes that reducing the travel time of the foods our families consume is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Suzanne hosts workshops, VIP events At The Barn . To stay connected and be in the know, Sign Up for our newsletter.


Stittsville Market at The Barn

We are excited for our new day and time for summer of 2018. Starting May 20th and continuing through to October thanksgiving weekend, the Stittsville farmer’s market @thebarn is a selection of hand-picked vendors to give you a unique experience at this boutique-style market.

This market’s focus is on locally grown and created products with an emphasis on organic principles, techniques, sustainability and nutrition content. We have a small selection of craft vendors that compliment our local growers.


We also welcome several casual part-time vendors who bring a little zest to Market at The Barn, and make it a different experience every week.

Market at The Barn
2018 Market is set to start May 20, 2018,  10 to 2pm. If you wish to be a vendor, you must also have on location business insurance and have a permit filled in with the City Of Ottawa for the market.

Vendor Applications

Because of Market at The Barn’s low vending fees and smaller scale, our vendors get great sales results in a short 3-hour window.

Interested in becoming a vendor at Market at The Barn? Contact Us.

Nutrition @ The Barn

As an entrepreneur for 20+ years, Suzanne Tate knows very well entrepreneurs think of their health last in their daily routine. Do you drink coffee all day at your meetings? On the road meals when travelling?

You are your biggest asset in your business.

Discovery Nutrition Session

Book Suzanne now for her Discovery Nutrition Session to determine the 5 top key nutrition concerns that are affecting your business bottom line.

YES I am ready for my Discovery Nutrition Session.

Great Skin Begins Within

Do you hesitate to go live on FB because of your skin? Or you have not booked a photo session for updated marketing images because you are not comfortable in your skin? You are ready to talk with Sue.

Great Skin Begins Within @ The Barn

As an expert in skin nutrition Suzanne Tate C.N.P. assesses your nutritional deficiencies that help support great skin health. Suzanne uses Vegan, Toxin Free skin care lines that complement her client’s holistic wellness journey.

Top 5 Reasons Your Health is Holding your Business Back

A nutritional Rebalance with Suzanne focuses on supporting your body with key nutrients to enhance your skin health. There are key nutrients to help improve your confidence and glowing skin. Suzanne helps identify key daily habits that may be the source of your problem skin. Sign up to discover your Top 5 Reasons Your Health is Holding your Business Back.

To book a consultation for your skin and health, Contact Suzanne .

Wellness @ The Barn

Holistic wellness encompasses a wide range of practices, beliefs and approaches for the body, mind and spirit.

As a holistic nutritionist, Suzanne Tate seeks to connect members of the village with the incredible practitioners and experts that the Ottawa area has to offer.

Stay tuned for seminars, workshops and special talks on a variety of wellness topics at The Barn.


It takes a village to raise a child…and sometimes to raise a barn! Special thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support the At The Barn vision.

And my amazing family (Linda, Doug, Anna, Abby and Adam)